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By creating housing opportunities for local residents and networking with a variety of investors, we are able to do our part in the revitalization one of America’s most resilient cities. Detroit was once referred to as “the Paris of the Midwest” and with every property that we successfully rehab, tenant, and sell our city is one step closer to reliving its glory days.


The formulation of Iron Fist Properties, LLC came from the shared decision that two brains are smarter than one. This same rule applies to the added value our clients receive while working with an organization, that for their client’s benefit, combined their professionalism, knowledge, and years of experience to create a complete investment package. These advantages allow our organization to focus on the human aspect of the industry by creating affordable housing options for the citizen of a city that has faced years of hardships. Combining capital, services, staff, and ideas has allowed us to accelerate the revitalization of the working-class communities throughout the Metro Detroit area.


Frank Thomas

Director of Sales and Acquisitions

Frank began his professional career in the home mortgage industry assisting individuals who wished to obtain their own home. He was a nationally licensed mortgage loan originator for industry leading organization such as United Wholesale Mortgage, Gold Star Mortgage, and Homesite Mortgage. His strong sales abilities quickly elevated him to the level of “Top 5% Salesman” at each company he worked for.

With the foreseen downturn in the housing market, Frank decided to focus his personal time on educating himself in the area of real estate investing and property wholesaling. He began wholesaling properties and building a buyer network that eventually allowed for him to quit his job and dedicate all his time to the real estate industry that he found great passion in. Frank has consistently sold over 100 properties a year to a variety of investors stateside and foreign alike.

Erika Lazar

Real Estate Agent

To have a real estate agent means having an agent who is committed to helping you buy or sell your home with the highest level of expertise. This also means to help you in understanding each step of the process.

Nothing is more exciting to me than the gratifying feeling I get from helping people meet their real estate needs. You can count on me to always do what’s in your best interest. I pride myself on being honest, trustworthy, and knowledgeable in the real estate market. I know how important it is to find your dream home or get the best offer for your property. Therefore I will make it my responsibility to help you achieve those goals.

Whether you are an experienced investor or a first time buyer, I can help you in finding the property that fits your needs.


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